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3 Signs You Are In a Dead-End Relationship | The Wrong Relationship

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3 Signs You Are In a Dead-End Relationship | The Wrong Relationship

Let’s face it. There are way, too, many people who stay in dead end relationships because they are afraid to move on. Remaining in a relationship that does not have a future, is like slowly drinking poison everyday. This kind of relationship will drain you of your happiness and make your life miserable. If you think it has no affect on the outside world, you are wrong.

When you decide to stay in a relationship that does not bring you joy or help you to become a better person, you make a decision to allow a negative situation to harden your heart. You become bitter and pessimistic about everyone and everything around you. Your interaction with others will become draining and emotionally unstable. You will find yourself criticizing the relationships of others and when you come across someone who appears to be happy in their relationship, you will immediately find fault.

Is it worth it to stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy? Is it worth it to remain in a relationship that is making you bitter and not better? Relationships are supposed to make you a better person. It is supposed to make life easier to manage. Relationships should bring forth companionship. It is having someone who genuinely cares for you and your safety. Even when life gets stressful, having a companion is supposed to be a constant reminder that your goals, dreams and desires are attainable because your partner should be your primary support system.

How do you know that you are in a dead-end relationship? Well, there are a lot of signs BUT let us examine the top three telltale signs that tell you your relationship has run its course.

  1. When you have given your relationship everything you got!
  2. When you are unhappy and feel like your relationship has been at a standstill without hope.
  3. When you have experienced the ultimately betrayal that has broken your trust.


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