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Vashonna Etienne, LCSW NJ’s #1 Marriage Counselor

To schedule an appointment with Vashonna directly, contact (862) 704-6391

Vashonna Etienne, LCSW is the Founding Executive Director at The Center for Counseling and Holistic Services. She is a graduate of Hunter College, holds a Master’s of Social Work and is licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. Vashonna’s experience as a director of social services and a psychotherapist has become the cornerstone of her professional and leadership development. With compassion and a commitment to the long term well-being of her clients, Vashonna adopts a wholesome clinical approach that is both insightful and motivational.

  • NJ License #: 44SC05537800
  • Doctoral Student at Rutgers University Social Work Program
  • Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certificate
  • NASW-NJ 2013-2015 Annual Conference Workshop Presenter
  • Montclair State University Trainer Consultant
  • Rutgers State University Continuing Education Instructor
  • Author of Transforming Pain into Possibility: A Practical Approach
  • Clinical Consultant for nonprofit and faith-based organizations
  • Experienced Life Coach
  • Motivational and Inspirational Public Speaker
  •  Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Career Counseling
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Issues (LGBTQ)
  • The treatment of ADHD for children, adolescents and adults

Michael strongly believes in collaborative work to build the skills needed to manage an array of issues. He brings into each session a multicultural understanding of issues without judgment or prejudice. Michael is known to incorporate addiction counseling with a wellness coaching model to help individuals discover and recover their potential.

Michael Asaku-Yeboah is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC), a Certified Career Coach and he specializes in the treatment of ADHD. He holds a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Michael clearly understands that making a decision to seek treatment is a big step toward change, especially when your greatest challenge is living a sober life.

You may ask, “What if alcohol or drugs isn’t the problem?” What if my issues run deeper than having one, too, many drinks?” These are normal questions to ask. Often times, alcohol and drugs work to cover up emotional and physical pain, anxiety and fear.

Regardless of your need for help, Michael works to improve your life and restore your balance. He specializes in:

Michael Asaku-Yeboah, LCADC

To schedule an appointment with Michael directly, contact862-704-6391

Denisha King, LCSW

To schedule an appointment with Denisha directly, contact973-980-8010

Denisha King is the founder/owner of Denisha King LCSW, LLC. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a Master’s of Social Work. She is licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and is paneled with various insurance companies and HMOs. Denisha King has been helping individuals and families since 2008.

Denisha is skilled at working with the chronically mentally ill population, children who have behavioral challenges and families who seek to improve their communication. Denisha’s education and experienced has led her to transfer her skills and knowledge by way of supervision to graduate students who wish to contribute to the field of mental health. She continues to grow as a professional and strives to impact the community by helping others to transform their lives .

Denisha offers caring, competent, professional therapy services as a means to meet the goals you have for your life.

  • NJ License #: 44SC05576700
  • Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certificate
  • NASW Member


To schedule an appointment with Tainesha directly, contact862-704-6391

Are you ready to remove the obstacles from your path and transition into the next phase of your life? My passion and purpose as a therapist is to empower women who are in transition as they navigate through life’s challenges and hardships. When working with me, we will become a team in your healing process. The goal is always to learn and grow from life lessons and experiences. The issues that come up in our lives tend to be the result of underlying issues. When we don’t deal with our issues, they deal with us. Change starts with you.
I provide counseling services in a safe, judgment-free environment. Those who work with me choose me because of my experience and expertise working with women in transition. Whether you are a woman who is a new mom, recently divorced, or experiencing a late career change, let me help you through the process.

I bring a multicultural understanding to my sessions with clients–respecting each client, their culture, religion, and values. Through empathy and genuineness, at The Center for Counseling and Holistic Services, we strive to meet the individuals needs of all our clients.

Tainesha McKinney is a Licensed Social Worker who holds a Master in Social Work from Rutgers University and a Bachelors in Human Service Management from University of Phoenix. She is a member of Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work Professionals, National Association of Black Social Workers, and National Association of Social Workers. Tainesha has extensive training in Domestic Violence and is certified as a Sexual Assault Advocate.

Tierrah Howard, LSW, Specializing in Real Life Issues

To schedule an appointment with Tierrah directly, contact862-704-6391

Are you seeking someone to be honest, and upfront with you? Well, look no further because I provide services in a direct, relaxed, and relatable manner.

Specializing in real-life issues, I help people to mold their lives into something meaningful by finding solutions designed to address life’s most annoying and troubling problems.

Whether you’re overweight, financially stressed, struggle with forgiveness, or you’re simply tired of feeling like your life doesn’t matter, I develop effective treatment plans according to the individual’s needs.
Although I work effectively with individuals and families, I am passionate about working with adolescents and adults who are ready to take their personal, professional, and social lives to the next level.
People describe me as motivating because my technique creates the blueprint necessary to shift your thinking and change your perspective in order to live a purpose driven life.

Here at the Center for Counseling and Holistic services, we are all about transforming lives into legacies!

My greatest reward as a therapist is helping my clients explore ways to make changes in their lives that will allow them to look forward to the future with hope. I believe that we all need someone to talk with who will really listen and accept us as we are, without judgment. I provide my clients with a warm, non judgmental environment– a safe place to explore issue.

Goals for therapy are always established through collaboration with each person I assist in the treatment process. The overall objective for therapy is successful resolutions of the challenges that are deemed the most important through the collaborative process. My experience is not the only thing that makes me a valuable asset. I am fluent in Arabic, and I have a deep and broad cultural awareness. If you feel that you are ready to commit to bringing about positive change in your life, I encourage you to take that first step. I am here to help.

***Silvia Farag holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University. She uses a variety of approaches to help each client accomplish their goals. Silvia is trained in Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Motivational Therapy, and provides psycho-education in a fun, creative way. Silvia has extensive experience in working with families in crisis and families who have DCP&P involvement.

Silvia Farag, LSW

To schedule an appointment with Silvia directly, contact862-704-6391

What is stopping you from committing to therapy? If it’s the fear of being judged or misunderstood, let me ensure you that you are safe with me. Making the decision to attend therapy with me will be one of the best decisions you will make. My goal is to help you to resolve your conflicts, improve your relationships, and restore your sense of self. People who choose to work with me choose me because I am an active team member in healing process, helping each of my clients succeed in their treatment goals.

Children, adolescents, and young adults are my specialties. Especially those who live in urban communities such as Newark, East Orange, and Irvington, to name a few. I truly enjoy working with individuals who society labels as “at-risk,” because I see each of my clients as “at-promise.”

***As a therapist, I know the importance of creating a nonjudgmental environment–an environment that is welcoming and supportive. Here at The Center for Counseling and Holistic Services, we strive to meet the needs of each individual client. We are a diverse group of clinicians whose focus is the client..


To schedule an appointment with Kameka directly, contact862-704-6391

The best thing about being me is my ability to connect with people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. What I have learned as a therapist, is the people who are most comfortable working with me are those who are open, honest, and straightforward. Choosing to attend therapy can be an uncomfortable process, especially when you fear being judged, but the right therapist can ease your discomfort and help you to transform your pain into power. No matter your challenges (anger, depression, anxiety, fear, or everyday life challenges), I am the therapist that helps you reach your goals.

I work best with children and adolescents who struggle with the demands of life. Some people describe this population as “at-risk,” but I see them as, “At-Promise.” I help to bring out the very best in every unique child, adolescent, and young adult. I’m about collective action!

As a therapist, I know the power of creating a motivational and inspirational environment. Here at The Center for Counseling and Holistic Services, we strive to meet the needs of each individual client. We are a diverse group of clinicians whose focus is client elevation and community transformation.


To schedule an appointment with Grace directly, contact862-704-6391
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