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Our in-home counseling services are designed to improve youth outcomes and strengthen family units. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in communities where children are “at risk” academically, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Our holistic approach provides culturally competent services that empower children and families. Our ideal populations include males, females, and trans-genders between the ages of five and eighteen with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Intensive In-Community Services (IIC)
Intensive In-Community Services are flexible and holistic, and provides clinical support services for parents, caregivers, guardians, and children (up to the age of 18) who have behavioral and emotional needs. Our objective is to strengthen, stabilize, and preserve the family unit in the community setting. Services can be provided in-home, at school, in residential facilities, or other locations where children are present.
Intensive In-Community Services support families during times when counseling services are most needed. We work with each family to schedule therapeutic interventions based on the family’s availability (i.e. evenings, weekends, during school hours, etc…). The needs of each family are unique and we take the family’s schedule into consideration when services are rendered.

Behavioral Assistance Services (BA)
Behavioral Assistance (BA) Services are effective strategies and treatment interventions that are designed to target behaviors that are interfering with a child’s functioning and social development. What makes BA services unique and valuable is its emphasis on Positive Behavior Supports, a method that builds on the strengths of a child as opposed to his or her negative behaviors.
The interventions that are utilized by behavioral assistants foster sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve a child’s functioning in areas such as social skills, interpersonal relationships, social etiquette, behavioral conduct, and effective coping skills.

Parenting and Skill-Building Services
Parenting and skill-building services help to improve parental effectiveness through coaching and counseling methods that are evidence-based. Parents who benefit from parent coaching and counseling services are those who are willing to learn new skills and strategies geared at improving parent-child engagement and relations.

Parenting and skill building services help to:

  • Increase parental confidence
  • Reduce parental stress and anxiety
  • Enhance parenting skills
  • Reduce or eliminate physical discipline
  • Improve parent-child relations
  • Aid in developmentally appropriate discipline and structure

To make an appointment, please contact PerformCARE at 1-877-652-7624.

Ask for a referral to the Center for Counseling and Holistic Services to provide your in-home services.

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