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Helping women change their Perspective and Reclaim their Future

Are you a tired of being a SUPERWOMAN? Women 25-35 years are invited to join IRIS every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 5pm. Space is limited. Registration is required. Contact 862-704-6391 to reserve your spot today. Cost is $15 per person/per session


IRIS is a structured program of therapy, coaching, empowerment, and ongoing connection to a community of peers that helps women facing significant life challenges transform their lives.


Participants receive 6 months of group and individual therapy, which occur concurrently. The goal of group therapy is to help clients improve how they function socially, change their behaviors and learn to better manage the environment of their daily lives while connecting in an intimate community of women.

Both the group and individual therapy is structured around the following 5-Step process:

1. Acceptance: Accepting where we’ve allowed emotional pain and trauma to overpower our lives.

2. Awareness: Becoming aware of how our past pain can manifest in our physical body and relationships with others.

3. Forgiveness: Making a decision to stop letting our past define who we are.

4. Clearing: Committing to release the behaviors, beliefs, and people that no longer serve us.

5. Manifestation: Proactively working to become a better person, learning to live life abundantly, and working to empower self and others.


Coaching is a process in which an individual is supported and held accountable to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. In addition to coaching participants, Life Sponsors watch closely for signs of potential relapse to the behaviors that led participants to treatment in the first place.


Following their discharge from the program, participants attend Women for Women (W4W) support groups, which run free of charge twice per month in every service county.

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